Maybe Hypomanic

So yesterday on top of feeling pretty… i was also feeling great and full of energy… that is, until i got to work.. then i started feeling cranky, and irritable, like i wanted to have an attitude but i couldnt… i really hate feeling that way… i have been taking my meds every night… and after not taking the medicine for over a month and going right on to the 150mg of seroquel in which i left off… to get right back on and start feeling like this is weird.. but i’m trying to rationalize my bad mood at work..

first of all the person who was taking my shift… hold on.. let me rewind… at my job i work two important positions and it’s alot of work…. so the person who was a manager that took my shift didnt do any of the important work that i needed done to have a successful night… i usually work days but for some reason they scheduled me for night yesterday… the manager was complaining that she came in late and that she wasnt feeling well… i call BS on the not feeling well… how many times i go to work “not feeling well” but i complete my assignment for the day…

I just feel so taken advantage of at my job and i cant wait to find something else.. i’ve applied to different places here and there but to no avail… no call backs yet.. my best bet is to try to get my job back at the elevator company but my hubby doesnt want me working in queens… it’s way to far.. over an hour away for me on the train… but i know people there and i’m still cool with the owner… i dont know… it may be a last resort…

Right now i just got home from work and i’m just relaxing in bed.. my feet are killing me and my husbands neck hurt… gonna give him a little neck rub and hopefully i can have a foot rub if i’m lucky… lol

one thing though i always relate hypomania with good feelings not really with irritability… since i was diagnosed a few months ago… i’m still trying to figure out how this bipolar thing works… i’m so glad i’m not alone though…



  1. Telling my psychiatrist about my irritable moods is what first clued him in that I was bipolar. I had no idea it warning sign. Irritable moods are one of my very biggest struggles because it it causes all sorts of discord in our home. Wish I had advice for you other than just recognizing it for what it is and working through it.

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