My job sucks

Woke up a little while ago.. showered and put my sleepy clothes on…lol i dont feel like dressing up yet.. i’m trying to relax and stretch out the day as much as possible… i have to work tonight.. i really hate working nights.. the only think i like about it is , i can sleep in if i wanted to… hubby kissed me before he left this morning and i should have stood up but i was so sleepy… still feeling sleepy … (thanks to seroquel)

i made myself breakfast… scrambled eggs… and came back to bed… Yesterday i went pretty much the whole day without eating anything.. i didnt realize till i started feeling light headed and weird… but i wasnt feeling hungry..i ate though.. because i didnt get a chance to eat early.. yesterday was a busy day for me.

I have to work tonight and i’m dreading going in… after i’m done writing this blog i’m going to look for some other jobs online… i cant work at that restaurant anymore.. i feel taken advantage of and i’m always getting hurt there… I requested to have this sunday off but they still have me working… i’m going to talk to my boss about it when i get there because i put in a request to be off for a week in june… I really hope they give it to me because i really need this vacation..

i just hope that when i go in all of the morning prep work is done…no one does what i do, the way i do it and i’m just afraid that when i go in .. nothing will be done for me… the only thing good about my job is that i’m burning calories constantly going back and forth… and it helps with keeping my weight down… but other than that…

my job sucks…


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