Feeling Beautiful

Despite having to go to work today and having to deal with the BS from that.. i’m def having a high confidence day… i looked in my full length mirror after my shower… hair still damp, red, and wavy.. yeah … i straighten my hair every day… but it was all natural right out of the shower and i’m looking at myself and i’m realizing i’ve come a long way from weighing 223 lbs back in the end of 2016. I’m actually starting to like what i see… clothes are fitting me better and i’m feeling extra pretty…

My super high confidence day today was reflected at me through a young guy who was moving stuff into my building… i happened to be walking to the elevator… as i walked by he said “hey there beautiful.” i didnt look back at him or anything like that… i just got in the elevator and some people come in and there goes the young guy.. he says “hey beautiful you dont mind if i get a little close?” the elevator was getting full so i already knew how close i would allow him to get… he was at a respectable boundary and was chatting me up about my dog… this guy looked no older than about 23 years old… now dont get me wrong… i get hit on often… even with my wedding band on.. but its more so guys staring at me or smiling… or complimenting me as i go by.. not really much conversation.. guys really dont care about having a wedding band or not… clearly.

but… i gotta say.. his compliments and flirtatious efforts boosted me up just a tiny bit.. i mean i’m not going hypomanic or anything.. at least i dont think i am.. i’ve been taking my meds and stuff.. but nothing wrong with feeling beautiful and sexy from time to time…

i feel pretty.. =D



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