Its about that time

well its 8:06 Pm and it’s almost time for me to take my nightly dosage of seroquel… i know i will be in La-La land about a half hour or an hour after i take it… i mean it does feel nice to get some undisturbed sleep. For a while before i started taking it again my sleeping patterns were already starting to act up.. i would wake up for any little thing and then it would take forever to head back to sleep…

My hubby got home around 5pm and he’s been playing video games with his buddies ever since… i mean it doesnt bother me too much… ok well maybe a little.. i do want some attention but he’s enjoying himself so i’ll just let him..

i’m in bed about to take my medicine and watch “Good Will Hunting” with Robin Williams… i’ve always wanted to see it… good thing i can type and watch the movie at the same time…

I gotta say i’m so appreciative of the people i have connected with here on wordpress… i really didnt think i’d connect with anyone.. To my readers who have continuously been in contact with me… you guys are amazing and i’m forever grateful to have an awesome set of individual who can relate to my craziness sometimes as i blog and are an understanding ear… love u guys even when i’m not so lovable…



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