Today is my Friday

I just got this random message from my cousin today and it really made my day.. FullSizeRender

I NEVER really get messages like this.. shows i was on her mind and she was thinking of me… I decided to save the message for days when i’m not feeling so loved…

Today was a busy day at work… i swear i was wishing i could clone myself because the line just wouldnt go down… i mean why would it… people love to eat lol … but trust me when 4 o’clock came i was more than ready to run out of that door… i just wish i had some money to do something… the bank closed my savings account because i was “doing too many transfers.” which i think it’s such BS.. so now i have to wait for a check to come in the mail that had all the money in my savings… so i guess i’ll be broke for my so called weekend.. i really hope that it comes tomorrow.

I know i’m off tomorrow but i also know at 8pm i have to take my seroquel which will put me to sleep about an hour or so later… then there goes my night… maybe i can just take it a little later… yeah that’s what i’m going to do.. i’m off from work tomorrow i really dont want to go to sleep early.. i feel like it takes away my time with my hubby… precious quality time…

I’m so glad he hasnt gone out.. he’s been coming home and keeping me company because i hate being alone… myself… i have to work on my control issues.. my therapist thinks i try to control my husband… I can see how it can look that way.. but i really dont do it on purpose.. but i’ve already come up with a solution… when he goes out.. i’m going out.. simple as that..

I’m 37… but i dont look it and i’m happy about that.. must be the genes.. i look maybe 30 lol i mean a good 7 years younger isnt that bad.. but i do wear makeup so it helps…

I have an appointment tomorrow to go to the apple store in manhattan… i have to get my ipad fixed.. it’s not charging up or turning on and i know i didnt drop it.. i mean it’s an ipad air so it’s not too old… if they try to charge me i’m going to take it back and come back when i get my money… i get paid this friday so at least i have that to look forward to.

I’m also making plans to go to canada from june 15 to the 20th.. i really cant wait .. the last time i went out of the country was when i went to mexico with hubby a few years ago… but this time my hubby isnt coming with me… its me and my brother’s family.. his wife and kids.. =) i’m ready for an adventure and i really need the time off.. they work me hard at my job.. so i have to give my brother some money to book the room for me… i cant wait…

I guess i’ve rambled enough.. everyone enjoy your night.. i may write again tonight.. not sure… =P



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