Saturday … hell day

It’s Saturday and for most people it’s a day to unwind or do the chores you weren’t able to take on during the week… for me it’s hell day at my job… I swear I need a Saturday off … so I’m out to lunch at my job now and it’s not even 12 pm… for me I have to go early or not at all because it gets so nuts and the whole store depends on me…. this is a whole anxiety think I have about my job…. I’m the only one who does what I do and for that I have the bulk of the pressure on me…

I work in a restaurant and I’m a food runner… I have to run food from the back into the front where guests can pick what they want to eat and it gets exhausting… my feet and legs kill Me by the end of the day… great workout but a lot of stress…

My workload is large every day but on saturdays it is doubled and it’s so challenging to finish it all… I do want to quit and find something else but my husband wants me to stay here until I find something else… it makes sense but I’m just tired and when I’m home I’m just tired I don’t want to look for another job and that’s the vicious cycle…

On my days off which are Monday and Tuesday I like to kick back but looks like this day off coming up I’ll be looking for something else… I don’t know how much more of this job I can take… 

just got to try and put on a happy face…



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