Day 2 on Seroquel 


This blog Will be broken up into different times of the day

Morning: 7:58am

Woke up today not feeling so sleepy and out of it so far…although it is rather chilly and rainy this morning … I’m sitting in Starbucks waiting for a manager to arrive so that I can go into my job and start the day… I really home they don’t give me any crap for something I forgot to do yesterday but I just wanted to get out of there…

I do so much at my job and I will def let them know if they give me any crap… hope I don’t get fired for speaking my mind… it was super busy for me even when the store was not busy… it’s always busy for me regardless…

I went to sleep at 8pm last night watching beauty and the beast with hubby… he fell asleep too… so it was a good night…

5:00PM After work

I was really excited to see that my sister showed up while i was still at work.. she got a car and drives so it was nice to get a lift home for a change instead of walking… So one of my favorite managers that i thought got fired actually came back today..i gotta say i was so happy to see her…she’s real cool and we get along great… she was even curious about me being bipolar… i guess she thinks that she’s got it too… but i dont know..

Today was a good day at work i gottta say…NO ANXIETY…thank god and i think i have the seroquel to thank for that… i feel and calm… and almost back to myself but to a more calmer self… not as impulsive..i have a huge problem with that..

I put in my request off from work to go to Canada with my family… ive never been there and i love to travel so i could do some of my photography out there… i cant wait to go.. well going to spend the rest of the night with my sis and my hubby and call it night…




  1. I’ve recently started taking meds again too. I started on Seroquel first but I couldn’t stay awake. I’m actually having the same trouble with Lithium. SHe just decreased my Lithium and added Lamictal and decreased my prozac too.

    Impulsivity is a HUGE problem for me too. I somehow got mixed up with an old friend from high school, somehow convinced myself letting him stay with me was an OK idea and he ultimately took my car and wrapped it around a telephone pole. It’s like, for as smart as I am, consequences rarely dawn on me until I’m knee deep in bullshit.

    I’m trying to stay positive with everything, but I’m generally sick of my brain. At least I can be creative 😉

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      • No one I know understands this. I hate feeling so stupid, because it seemed COMPLETELY logical and reasonable. For whatever reason, I also get really upset being like “well, that’s part of being bipolar.” I’d rather kind of just blame myself and ruminate on it. I keep reminding myself Carrie Fisher really screwed her life up and look how she turned everything around.

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      • absolutely.. i wonder what was her secret… when i’m feeling impulsive i dont think of the consequences or if i do think of them… i’m usually willing to take the risk anyway.. ya know.. it’s nuts …

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