Day 1 on Seroquel

So today seemed quite interesting… i definitely woke up in ZOMBIE mode… but i was well expecting that. I emailed my therapist letting him know that i started back on the meds… he was pleased but instructed me to speak to my psychiatrist about maybe lowering the dosage… I dont think i need to do that.. i think the 150mg of Seroquel works well for me.. I would think that every antipsychotic medicine would make me feel like a zombie… at least with seroquel it’s a zombie feeling that i’m used to and i’m already expecting.

Manager at my job kept asking me if i was ok.. i was ok… just more focused on my work and not really smiling and joking around. I mean at work i usually always get my work done but i have a happier demeanor normally.. but it’s ok. I texted her and i told her why i was may have been acting different.. She suggested that i smoke weed… lol that made me laugh… of course she smokes week and i’ve had my experience with weed when i was much younger… i stopped smoking that in 1999… yeah many moons ago.. but honestly it has been a consideration… i should say a slight consideration but i dont think i would because knowing myself..i’d get fat all over again and i’m really working on watching my weight… I remember the munchies i used to have with weed and they were no joke.

So weed may not even be an option.. i dont like it all that much…

Hubby went to Lids to go and look at some hats.. in the back of my mind i didnt think he would be coming home any time soon… i already know when he goes out it’s always a problem for me… but NOT TONIGHT….i’m chilling out… and as cool as cool moe D. He’s actually on his way home.. but the idea of him going out didnt bother me much.. thank you seroquel lol

I’m going to miss myself for a little while…





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