Unmedicated no longer

Well after much debate with myself I’ve decided to get back on my meds… the impulsivity…not sleeping well… hyper sexuality… anger, paranoia and anxiety are really problematic… 

my therapist says I gotta take the good with the bad… and again he’s fuckin right… I mean to good outweigh the bad I think…

I just don’t like being a boring person and I think the meds make me boring… idk 

So anyway I changed my display name to BronxBiPolarChick I tried to change my @ name but I couldn’t for some reason… …



  1. All i can say is try something else. I have been on dozens and dozens of different combinations.

    as far as changing your other names. go to your dashboard. and at the bottom of the page hit settings….at least that is how to do it on the pc.
    if you’re using mobile, click on the top W and scroll down to settings. You can change all the lines under that πŸ˜‰

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  2. Remember to be patient, the first meds you try may not be the right ones…you have to give them a chance to work, but don’t be afraid to voice concerns to your prescriber if the meds are having unwanted consequences.

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  3. I was on the carousel for over a year until we finally landed on ziprasidone. The lithium is awesome and those two together have been pretty good for me, BUT, I am changing now and the ziprasiudone doesn’t seem to be enough. I am very boring (depressed) and it’s all I can do to clean house and cook. I guess what I”m trying to get at is this: don’t get locked in to one med. You and your body will change and the meds may have to change with you. That being said, I hope the Seroquel is working for you.

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      • As long as you are still able to function at some level and are able to feel some joy in your life. I’ve heard of some people becoming zombies because of their meds intake. That is just so terribly sad. But the doctors always say that the outcome is better than the alternative. And to some extent that is true. Just don’t let the meds get out of hand. There’s always another option out there. If your meds are not allowing you to live your life, then find a new combo of meds. It is your life after all. We want to live fulfilled lives. Not be zombied out.

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      • Very true… I was told the longer you take them the normal you will feel… I don’t feel like a zombie anymore thank goodness… I did when I first started taking seroquel but at this point feeling a bit more normal…

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      • My challenge with this whole shebang is that I don’t know what “normal” is anymore. I’ve been so affected by Bipolar and the meds that I wouldn’t recognize “normal” if it was staring me in the face.

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      • Yeah I can def relate… well for me … personally… normal is not feeling depressed or hypomanic… right in the middle is normal for me… but I know what you mean I’ve been there… you are not alone

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