Is it impulsive when ur obsessing about a particular act and when the moment presents itself… u act on it …without a care in the world…

I’m not sure how impulsive that is… I was wondering about that today… 

what is impulsive? I’m not too sure because I would imagine impulsive is acting out without thinking about consequences… 

how about not caring about consequences in the moment? 

Anyway on my way home from hanging with some friends in Brooklyn… can’t wait to get home and shower and go to sleep… 



  1. Yes that would be exactly how that is…and with your previous posts you sound a bit hyper manic…definitely…
    And that does include acting on items that you know will be damaging but not caring. I have done that too many times.
    twice divorced and countless girlfriends…just say no…

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    • I have been having trouble sleeping… but I don’t feel the hyper of a hypomanic episode yet… I do have to learn to say no and really stop and think… I have so much work to do on myself I don’t even know where to start it’s exhausting…


  2. mine starts with trouble sleeping. then trouble concentrating. then the out of the ordinary thoughts. that voice on your shoulder telling you to do bad things…it has taken up a permanent roost on mine. I cant get it to go away, i just have learned to tune it out.

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