A great session

Just finished my session with my therapist and he gave me some great insight into my control issues… he feels I set myself up for disappointment and I can see that because my expectations of certain things and people may not be aligned with the reality of a situation and I can see that…

I also expressed that my erotic transference for him has passed thank god… he seemed pleased… sheesh I know I am because I know that it was so very inappropriate to have thoughts and feelings about him in that manner… he expressed that I may have wanted a reaction from him… I know I wouldn’t have gotten a reaction because he’s very professional… I just wanted him to have the visuals of what my fantasies were but I’m so glad that’s ended… kiboshed! Lol

I’m on my way home now and I really can’t wait to get there… got a package coming 🙂 

I told him about the manager at my job telling me what a former employee said about me and that former employee supposed to be my friend… she was angry that I would take Monday’s and Tuesday’s off… yet she never expressed that she wanted those days so I don’t know… I’ve distanced myself from her … staying always from the drama that she could potentially cause to me… 

I have a lot of work to do on myself…

I expressed my concerns about feeling that on medication nothing really concerns me but I think it’s important to continue therapy …I mean at this point no one knows me like my therapist does… and he can recognize patterns in me that I may not recognize on my own and for that I’m grateful to be blessed with him. 

Me and my hubby have since made up again.. hopefully we won’t argue for a while… but let’s see… 

I absolutely must learn how to set boundaries though… some people in my life are definitely habitual line steppers… 



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