Therapy Discussions…

psychiatrist1-UhbQmL-clipartOne thing that i use for therapy is i write down alot of notes. I use Evernote to document things i want to discuss with my therapist and it helps for the most part because sometimes i dont even know what to talk about… i have no idea what to say, especially when i’m on seroquel.. when i’m on medication i have not a care in the world… Nothing really bothers me or concerns me… so my thing is.. if i dont have any concerns…will i still need therapy… If i’m feeling good and nothing is really an issue… would i still need therapy? I have no idea but i just really dont like sitting there with nothing to discuss… I would much rather just miss a session… but i do notice when i’m off of my meds my notes are alot longer… and i do have more concerns to discuss…I guess since bipolar is a life long battle I would still need therapy just to monitor my thoughts and feelings… don’t get me wrong I enjoy my sessions and my therapist gives excellent feedback… I guess I’m just curious but maybe I just answered my own question… 

When i’m on meds i just go on and discuss things that happened during the week… nothing really worth getting counseling for… i dont know… i just think when i have nothing to discuss i dont need therapy…

I must say this week has been full of different things as most of you already know.. but i am proud of myself for being so consistent with these blogs… I learn from reading other peoples blogs i hope people are learning something from me and my experiences… i try to be as candid as possible. I write down things here and i wouldn’t normally express to inner most thoughts and feelings… but that is i guess why i started blogging in the first place but i’m so happy and i feel blessed from all of the people that i have met here so far… i really didnt expect that…




  1. I could use some seroquel!

    I don’t know…I’ve never been to couseling. I think it’s great if it works for you. I do use my Pdoc for that kind of thing if need be. You know, I’m a little crazy but I think if you’re in a good place, healthy and happy why the need for counseling? Could your therapist be on call so to speak? If you need to be seen for something that comes up, you could. ❤


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