On my Crap List


Well today i’m feeling a little numb as if i dont care about anything today but i have the seroquel to thank for that last night.. i woke up today around 145 which is really late for me.. i usually like to wake up early on my days off from work so that i’m able to stretch out the day.

so last night before he got home i text him ” well i hope you enjoyed your easter with _____” and i hope you let ____ know to kiss you and sleep with you tonight.” he simply messages me back “ok smh” i decided that my husband wasnt going to sleep with me .. i took the blanket and pillows and threw them on the floor… and i tried to sleep but just as i was dozing off he came in… i pretended to stay asleep because i didnt want to talk to him.. he mumbled under his breath.. “i do too much shit around here to be sleeping on the sofa” and i felt him but the blankets and pillow back.. and he came to bed .. i was so mad like if he dont care about what i say.. as if my words dont matter so now i’m going to commence the silent treatment.

I know he’s going to say sorry as he always does but i’m so tired of the sorrys. really i am…  he gave me a kiss this morning before he left but i didnt respond… then he texted me “hi” with a sad face i responded with “…” i really have no words for him..

I’m might go out tonight, i’m not even going to tell him what time i’m coming home or where i am.. so yeah that may be the start of another fight or he’s going to want to do the same and not tell me where he is…

that’s the thing about my husband he will always dish out what i dish.. if i’m not talking to him he wont talk to me… instead of being humble because he messed up.. he will act like he’s mad at me when i’m mad at him… smh

there’s just no winning..