Feeling so furious!

Anger-Expression-StylesI’m feeling so many things right now and i have no idea how to vent so i’ll just do it here… another fucking night that i’m home alone waiting for my husband who said he would be home hours ago… smh i didnt go anywhere because he said he would be home instead he’s out with his damn buddies…again! i’m so pissed… i feel disrespected… i feel like a sucker… aggravated… and i just dont want to talk to him… but really how long can i keep him in the dog house? he’s my husband and he will just say he’s sorry like he always does…

I’ve explained to him i hate being lied to about saying he will be home at a certain time and then he doesnt… he said he got a drink “on the house” and then a half hour later got another…smh i told him that i would wait for him and not go to my cousins house if he comes home early… ugh.. i’m just so frustrated… i just feel like my words have no damn value to him and he’d rather have a night out with the guys than to spend it with me on fucking EASTER.. smh

how the heck can i put in the dog house? i have to forgive him eventually because he’s my husband…but i know he will do this again… my heart is broken… I should have just left as suggested by another blogger… had my own fun… he clearly has no consideration for my needs… ugh…

i want to go out but i’m tired too..i had to work today and it sucked… i wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of the evening with my husband on such a stressful day and he just would rather have drinks with his friend… i’m such a fuckin idiot!!!

i dont even know what to do anymore…

i need to learn how to successfully put him in the dog house so that he feels the pain … and he knows i’m not playing any games!



    • Xoxo was just going to start a blog on what happened last night… I’m feeling numb today… I say thanks to Seroquel last night… but I know he needs to stay in the dog house to learn his lesson… u have no idea how much I appreciate ur support Angela … xoxo


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