Another Night out…hopefully no arguing

shutterstock_243234646So it’s times like this that my husband and I really get into it. He goes out for drinks with his buddies and I’m stuck home. He says he will be home at a certain time but he never is… I just got home from work wanting to spend some time with him…to snuggle up and watched some TV or something… But he’s gone and again I’m stuck home.

I just really hope he isnt lying. I asked him if he is really coming home early or should I just go to my cousin’s house. He said he’s coming home but I can’t help but feel anxious. In the back of my mind I know he will be home late. I feel like such a sucker. If he isnt home within the next couple of hours I’m leaving. I am going to go to my cousin’s house and hang out for a while. I mean I’m off tomorrow why should I be home doing nothing. I should enjoy myself just as he is enjoying himself.

Anyway we shall see, I just don’t want to fight… i should just shower…get dressed and go out anyway…



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