Yay! Its saturday… but i work tonight


I wake up extra early when i know i have to work at night… so what do i do so early… ABSOLUTELY NOTHING… i lay in bed and watch HoneyMooners reruns… and i just enjoy as much as i can because i know that the night will not belong to me… but to my BS job… i really hope it isnt so busy but we get the crazy saturday night crowd and we close at 10… i have to work from 4-11 and right now i’m just trying to juice as much of the day as i possibly can.

I know i have to get out of bed soon and wash the dishes. Hubby rearranged my kitchen yesterday when i was at work and i loved it… there looks to be so much more room.. i’m a happy wife for sure… until i leave for work lol

I really have to find another job.. just because i’m good at what i do doesnt give you the right to overwork me… smh… that’s how i feel about my job…

i do have lunch from olive garden.. i cant wait to warm it up.. it was a buy one get one free.. =) something to look forward to… lol

happy saturday..



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