Fake Friends…


I just got home from work and i’m just laying down with hubby watching some family guy… its about 11pm and i have to go to bed soon because i work in the morning as well.. I’ve been meaning to write this blog since yesterday.

Here’s the situation:

I had a friend at work who i was close with… she quit the job by the way and i trusted her and i told her about me being bipolar and as well as some other personal things because i trusted her. Yesterday i was alone with one of the managers and she told me that the “friend” used to talk crap about me… sucks cause she used to smile in my face… kinda makes me question my judgement in people… see that’s why i have trust issues and i figured i would take a chance and trust her… smh

I mean the stuff she talked about me wasnt too bad… the manager said she would just be pissed off that i chose to take off on Monday and tuesday and expressed her anger to the manager and she used to say “oh i know why she wants the day off mmm hmmm” just for the information i take those days off because i get therapy on mondays or tuesdays or whatever other appointments i get… she was made it seem like it wasnt a big deal. The manager said she told her that it doesnt matter what the reason is..i requested it so i got it… and she would say that she was going to request it just to screw me and then she would laugh about it… now that’s not a friend… sucks man… u just never know who to trust…

My question is why wouldnt she come to me if she had issues with the days i chose … we could have worked something out… i dont know… smh

how long does it take before you trust someone new? what should i look for in a person…in a “friend” i dont even know anymore…



  1. It takes a long time to trust someone new, at least for me. You have to look for things like how kind and compassionate they are towards other people. If somebody’s talking shit about other people to you, they probably talk shit about you to other people too.


    • she def talked about other people… she called me yesterday, i didnt even pick up.. i know she only called to find out why i want another job… lol so stupid.. she should know… i mean she quit the job.. either way.. calling to be nosey


  2. I hardly trust at all. I’ve been screwed over so many times. Best friends, people in the work place, etc . Some Girls are just catty and insecure and talk bad about other people to make them selves feel better . Sorry that happened to you

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