Today kinda sucked


Today waking up started out great… i felt ok.. i mean i didnt want to go to work but then again i never want to go to work… anyway .. so i went in and there was alot of food already prepped and the manager made me prep more… i was so pissed off that i wanted to quit… not because i had to prepare food totally, but her reason behind it.. she said that it was so that i wouldnt have to prep alot of food in the morning, but i always have to prep alot..there’s no breaks for me.. plus i dont even work tomorrow morning, i work in the night…i swear if things arent done i’m going to spazz out.So the manager doubled my work load i think so that the person that’s coming in the morning has less to do.. i just feel like i’m taken advantage of… I came in this morning and had to use precious time doing something that should have been done last night… but yeah that’s how my day started…

it eventually improved .. it was pretty slow and i was able to do most of my work..but not all… then my sister spent like 4 hours at my job… she was just on her phone and waiting for me to get off… a good friend that i havent seen in a long time came to pick me up from work as well and we all went to olive garden.. including my husband… a whole lot of laughs and i had some alcohol which made me feel more relaxed… anyway when we left there we went to micro center…they sell computer stuff…gadgets and electronics… i saw a hard drive i wanted to get as well as a book back… my sister is always treating me like a child she was saying i shouldnt be spending money and i should save…which is good advice but i’m an adult…i work hard for my money..i want to do what i want to do… she even said i shouldnt have spent 10 buck on headphones and a monopoly game… so now i’m not sayin they were 10 each.. nope.. the game was 5 and so were the headphones…

that really pissed me off but i’m the type of person that i dont express my anger on the outside… you will never catch me arguing or fighting in public…. I just hold my anger in and i get stressed out… it will usually come out as passive aggressive sarcasm later on. i really dont know how to express my anger in a way in which will be healthy… but anyway i was just really ticked off… today wasnt really my day… i’m just glad to be home now and i can end my day…

i’m tired and sleepy but i dont want to go to sleep because i feel like i’m always going to sleep early..ugh i dont know what i’m going to do but thanks for reading…

How do you express your anger and / or frustration?



  1. Well…I hold it in until I explode on someone. Gotten me into a lot of fights over the years. Usually the guy I’m fighting had nothing to do with why I was mad, just happened to be the moron that flipped my switch.
    I don’t do angry well.
    Yes it sounds like they are taking advantage of you. Be strong. Say something. Have a voice

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  2. Hey!!! Hope tomorrow is a great day for ya.
    When I get angry I get really cocky and sarcastic and often emotionally hurtful. And I always walk away…my hubs hates it.. I wish I didnt.

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