To Seroquel or not to Seroquel that is the Question

After the other nights episode it really got me considering getting back on… I stopped because I felt that this medicine was controling my life… if I didn’t take it at the same time every night I would risk being groggy in the morning. I would have to be asleep by 9 or 930 so by the time I woke up the next morning I was clear headed. Now a 9pm bedtime is super early… I miss out on so much… at least I feel like I miss out… even though most times I’m home anyway…

this medication did work for me overall…

Getting off of this medicine wasn’t easy to do on my own but I did… but not without withdrawal symptoms …the nausea, itchiness, confusion and just an overall feeling of unwellness came all over me… those withdrawals were terrible but I did it.

I don’t suggest anyone to go off their anti psychotics the way I did… I suggest go to a dr and come up with a taper off schedule.  That’s the safest way to go…

I’ll have my decision by Tuesday when I see my therapist…

Of course I would have to change the name of my blog lol



  1. You sound very similar to me. I too stopped on my own and went through an horrendous withdrawal and then decided to go back on meds. I have to say I’m much better on meds but you have to do what’s right for you.

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  2. I dont know how many different medications you have taken, I could guess Ive tried a couple dozen over the years. And yes, Seroquel made me feel nothing. I couldnt get happy or sad. I didnt like that one for me at all, but medicine effects people differently.
    Personally, I know I cannot do this without medications.


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