This week i went to visit my old job.. i was welcomed with open arms…alot of the people that work there werent there when i was there about 4 years ago… (time flies) but some people were and they hugged me and looked genuinely happy to see me. I saw my old boss… he asked me what am i doing now… i honestly wasn’t happy to say that i’m working in a fast food restaurant… =( in the back of my mind i was hoping that he would say he wanted me to work for him again lol… but yeah that wasnt going to happen.. everyone…(well most) loved my red hair…i had it naturally brown at the time i was working there…

I had a flashback of one paranoid episode that i had while working there… and thinking back… i’m kinda sad about it… but this was before i knew i had bipolar… and i’m kind of embarrassed now thinking back on it.. i wish i would have gotten help sooner..

anyway, the flash back of paranoia about my supervisor… she was an older woman and we laughed and had good times every day…even went out for drinks with other co workers…we had a really good relationship but i believed that she was talking behind my back and trying to get me fired… it was such a strong believe that i went to the big boss and told him about it and i was crying… i just felt like she was out to get me with another coworker… they were friends… the reason i thought that is i believed she wanted to get me out so that another one of her friends can get hired in my place…

it was completely irrational…and i am so embarrassed i’m happy though that when she saw me … it was all love.. and i gotta say that i missed her and the others… …



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