My day was OK

So after a horrible night, i went to work this morning when all i really wanted to do was stay in bed and sleep… I’m so glad i didnt have any bouts of anxiety which i’ve recently been getting at my job. It was slow enough at work where i was able to get ALL of my work done. I left around 415 and i was so happy to be free… I came home and bought dinner for me and hubby… now i’m just terribly tired..

He came home from work very humbled today. He’s been rubbing me and massaging me since he got home.. now i’m sleepy and i just want to go to sleep. Hopefully tomorrow i’ll have something more interesting to write about…

Categories: bipolar, bipolar 2


  1. Happy to hear he was humble. Jealous over the massage lol

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  2. He must have felt bad about how he reacted the other day. It is just now settling in. It happens, people say things in anger they dont mean. Problem is you cant take something back after its said.

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  3. If anything though, your marriage while unstable is still there. Most of us has lost ours, so that is a bonus right?

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