My diagnosis really didnt hit reality until i got prescribed my first medication… Seroquel… I wasnt really sleeping very well ..i would stay up till about 4 or 5 am and sleep only a few hours so this was really supposed to help me sleep as well as regulate my moods and that it did… I was first prescribed 50 mg of it then moved up to 100 then finally up to 150 and that’s where i left it. I was sleeping well but i just really didnt feel like myself…

I would wake up feeling a little groggy…ok, very groggy and i knew i would have to take it usually around 9pm so that i’d be sleeping by 930 and it would be in my system for a full 8 or 9 hours before work the next day and the grogginess wouldn’t be so bad. I did that for a few month but then i just started feeling like i’m regulating my whole night over a pill and i didnt want to feel like this pill was controlling my life… but i must say Seroquel really does work for me and it’s a great medication…maybe i’ll get back on… i just needed a break.

Make sure that if you are on any anti-psychotic medication that you want to get off of…speak to your doctor and come up with a taper off schedule…i did it cold turkey and it was the worst…i was nauseous for over week..i was itchy even after showers… sweating even in the cold… clammy hands… i felt crazy…meaning my brain felt crazy…weird… so yes just make sure you see a doctor because going cold turkey isnt easy…

I’ve had a few mood swings since coming off, accompanied by anxiety so my therapist feels i really should get back on.. strongly considering so lets see…




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