Overwhelmed at work

iStock_000009744255SmallIndeed I am overwhelmed at work, but I must say, work has kept me sane for the most part. I have not gone through very serious bouts of depression since I started my job. I must say though, recently I have been getting anxiety. Today for instance, it was the end of the day and I felt my heart racing and I just felt like I wanted to leave…it was packed for a Sunday, but then again Sundays are always packed.

I’m just tired… I work two jobs at that place…I work in a restaurant in the kitchen. I’m a food prep as well as a food runner so it’s a lot of stuff I have to do so I get overwhelmed. It’s like there’s so much to do and I can never finish. Whenever I start something, something else finishes and I have to start something else. It just sucks I cant even count how many times I wanted to quit but they depend on me so much that whole place would fall apart.

For instance I had called out of work on Friday morning, just didn’t feel like going in… I had to work on Saturday night… when I came in they were so happy and excited to see me but I from what one of the managers told me, (she was taking my place on Saturday morning) (I usually work mornings) she said no one had anything prepared…she had to do it all and she can now understand what I go through. I have a rhythm down already but it wasn’t and still isn’t easy to keep up with such high volume.

I just hope that these bouts of anxiety don’t happen often. I mean they just started where I have to take deep breaths just to calm down.

A good friend of mine from work recently quit due to all of the stress…and the manager hasn’t hired anyone else…so the GM pretty much has the other managers filling in the gaps which could be quite stressful as well…case and point…we have no help really…

could it be that my job is making me sick? who knows…? I just feel like the function of that store rests on my shoulders and that’s a lot of pressure for someone who isn’t even a manager.

what would you do in that situation?

I just wanted to vent, i’m so glad I have this blog.


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