Hypomania really does feel great

im_extremely_happyI gotta tell ya Hypomania does feel great … I actually wrote down my experience or I should say I wrote down my symptoms. I gotta say it’s a feeling I most prefer and most people that I know only know me in a hypomanic state where I am the life of the party. I’m great to talk to and I feel like I have more charisma as well as i’m much more bold and blunt. A complete and total contrast from when i’m in my depressive state where i’m to myself and don’t want to talk or be around anyone but at the same time I want people to reach out and show that they care… I know that sounds nuts but it’s true…

So here are some of what I go through when i’m in a hypomanic state…

  1. I feel giddy like I just want to laugh.
  2. Energetic like I want to dance or clean or just do something.
  3. Happy
  4. Racing thoughts and songs going through my mind. (even songs I don’t particularly like)
  5. I get the urge to reach out to people that I haven’t spoken to in a long time.
  6. i’m very talkative and loud.
  7. Restlessness… I shake a lot… my legs shake
  8. I feel tingling all over my body in waves.
  9. Feeling like my pupils are dilated which is a weird feeling.
  10. I have the need to take deep breaths because my heart feels like it’s racing.
  11. I feel highly confident and sexy

I’m sure I feel some more things probably I just didn’t list them.  Can any of you with bipolar 2 relate to this…? what is your experience like with hypomania? do different people experience hypomania differently?

take care and have a great day =)