Fun time =)

I had a date night last night with my husband and I must say I had a blast. We haven’t had a date night in so long, he usually goes out with his buddies after work and I’m left at home. I’ve had this yearning for some fun and I have to say I think last night did it… I was able to socialize and that’s something that I love to do…meeting new people. We went to this place in NYC called Chelsea Bell.. the food was absolutely delicious and we had a friend that was going to perform in her band… She did and she ROCKED! Her husband was there too and he works on a popular radio station called “La Mega” it’s a Spanish station.

I was so happy and excited to be in my element where there are drinks, food and lots of people lol the live band just made it so much better… =)

i think i really need to go out more because i’ve just been desperate for some fun in the last few months but i think last night did it… =) i had the crab cakes and about 3 glasses of Blue moon beer…hubby had some light beer and some tacos… overall the food was great and i cant express how much i needed last night… where to next? lol



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