Bipolar and DID (Multiple Personality)

power-of-beliefI don’t know if this has ever happened to anyone but sometimes through my deepest bouts of my depression that comes with bipolar, I always just wanted to have another personality. Like I would try to conjure up or wish I had DID just so I can deal with the anxiety and the sadness that comes with bipolar. I do know and understand that those with multiple personality disorder do lose their sense of time and as for me i’m very aware of the time and the day every day. So I guess me trying to make up a personality that i’m not conscious of was a complete fail.

I remember I would look on youtube or google how to do it but unfortunately…or I should say fortunately it cant be done on my own. There are some outside factors, like I would have to have been through a serious traumatic experience that would make my consciousness (real self) want to escape. I don’t believe I’ve been through anything that traumatic. hmmm

I read a blog today and it’s kind of like bipolar is Multiple personality because we have our different moods and they effect the way we are through the day except we don’t lose time. I can say maybe I lose minutes lol

Sadly for most people with multiple personality disorder or DID it’s very difficult to control and I would imagine, very scary. If there is anyone out there with DID please comment and share your experience with me, i’d love to know.



  1. I knew someone with multiple personality disorder. Her core personality was very distressed that she could not control the others inside her. Her other personalities would get her in trouble, or hurt others. They would lie also. Once upon a time the personalities protected her, but as an adult they made her life chaos. I hope this gives you some insight.


  2. I was reading this thinking, Hey I just wrote a blog about this the other day, I should tell her to read it, and then I came to the part where you said you read a blog about it. Was that mine? If not it’s quite the coincidence and if so, it’s funny how such circular inspiration works. I understand what you’re saying here. Sometimes DID and Bipolar feel similar. Just in case, here’s the link to what I wrote. Thanks for visiting my blog!


  3. I have bipolar type 1. I don’t have DID, though I’m familiar with it from my psych classes. I have experienced depersonalization and derealization a lot in the past. I think they are common among people with bipolar disorder. I’ve also had periods of amnesia. I don’t know if it was dissociative amnesia or the “bipolar blackouts” people talk about.

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