I still have some hope left …for now


So here’s my story, i’ve been with my husband for 18 years and we have no children. Not because we didn’t want any but because it never happened for us. A few years ago we found out that his health care provider offered the services for infertility so we went for it. We found out we had 3 chances at this so we jumped on it. I’ve done 2 full cycles of invitro but what ended up happening was the embryos did not successfully attach to my uterus. Bummer right? So instead of going right in and trying a 3rd i waited about 10 years to try again. The disappointment over the other two was just too much so i went for my 3rd session, but the dr. said i was too overweight to continue. i’m about 5’1 and at the time i weighed in at about 225lb. So i had to withdraw from the cycle. So i’ve lost the weight and now i’m ready to continue but i got into a problem with the healthcare provider. they paid for a 3rd even though i didnt complete the cycle. Their argument is because the money has already been paid out…it counts as if i went through the entire process, which i think is absolute bullshit… so as you may sense i’m deeply hurt, frustrated and heartbroken right now at the thought that i may never have a child.

I spoke to a few friends about the situation and they suggested that i start a gofundmepage and i must say i was skeptical about it, i mean the procedure costs $10,000.  So most of my friends on facebook already know my story now it’s a matter of who would help me. There arent many people out there who are really willing to come out of pocket to help others….I did it anyway just for a chance to see if i can get some help to get this procedure done and sure enough about 12 mins after i launched…a friend donated $40!!! i was so surprised and shocked because this is a woman i’ve only hung out with one time. I only started this campaign last night and i’ve already raised $210 out of the 10k that i need.. i was so happy and my hope came back…

i just dont want to feel disappointed or anything negative. i dont know how i would handle that…good thing i’m still in therapy.  My therapist is going to have his work cut out for me.



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