what a day!

 I gotta say ever since I’ve been off Seroquel which is like for about 3 weeks now and one thing that I’ve noticed is that i definitely feel a lot more. I recall the Seroquel leaving me with the feeling that i really didn’t care what happened so i wasn’t bothered, or agitated, or upset about anything and come to think about it i wasn’t overly happy about anything either. I was always in a feeling of indifference. I didn’t care but one thing is for sure i did get lots of sleep.
My therapist believes i have some of the qualities of someone who has borderline personality. That’s a whole other disorder. I had went to him one time thinking that’s what i had so i guess he remembered. Today at work really sucked and i noticed that i may be slacking a little bit. I don’t feel an urgency to get things done anymore. It’s like I’ll get to it when i can.
My sister and hubby were just talking about all of the things that i was interested in that I’m no longer doing . Listening to that kind of bothered me but i think about it like this… I’ve done a lot of things in my life but just to let you know some of the things on their list was. Nails, guitar, network marketing , piano, and some other things i cant remember but allow me to add to the list.
1. Being a Jehovah’s witness
2. Comedy skits
3. Magic
4. vlogging
5. social club
and i cant remember what else… oh well i just know today sucked…
I’m hoping tomorrow is better…

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